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Ye Gods!
Retro Greeks Strike a Blow for Religious Freedom

Having recently hosted weblogogic visitations by the Greek deities Dionysus and Apollo, I am pleased to learn that they and their fellow Olympians may soon be called out of retirement.  The Guardian reports:

It has taken almost 2,000 years, but those who worship the 12 gods of ancient Greece have finally triumphed.  An Athens court has ordered that the adulation of Zeus, Hera, Hermes, Athena and co is to be unbanned, paving the way for a comeback of pagans on Mount Olympus.

The followers, who say they 'defend the genuine traditions, religion and ethos' of the ancients by adhering to a pre-Christian polytheistic culture, are poised to take their battle to the temples of Greece.

Cornelis van Poelenbergh - Feast of the Gods - 1623

In terms of civil liberties the Greek court's ruling is actually somewhat of a big deal, as Greece has hitherto not been particularly open to the free exercise of religion.  Per the Guardian story: "About 98% of Greeks are Orthodox Christian, and all other religions except Judaism and Islam had been banned." 

The Orthodox authorities are none too pleased by the Court's decision, accusing the Olympophiles of "idolatry" and tarring them as "miserable resuscitators of a degenerate dead religion."

The Oracle at Delphi could not be reached for comment.

[Guardian link via Colby Cosh's world press roundup.]


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