Apres Nous, le Grendeluge
Adieu, Adele, Farewell

Beyond Gouda and Evian

Nietzsche by Munch - excuse the pun

To the devout, the notion of anything but cereal for breakfast produces anxiety and dread, but with the death of God anything is permitted, and profiteroles and clams may be eaten at will, and even buffalo wings.

In the New Yorker, Woody Allen reveals the diet secrets of Friedrich Nietzsche: "Thus Ate Zarathustra."

[Via Cosmopoetica .  Pretty good late-period Woody but, darn it, his New Yorker pieces used to be reallly funny.]


Cowtown Pattie

Nietzsche must have been sending esp vibes today *grin*

Cowtown Pattie

Gouda and Evian?

Oh, lordy, your play on words leaves me holding my sides and wishing I had thought of it first...

This is a choice, Grade AA title.

George Wallace

On second thought, an even better title might have been "Beyond Gouda and Veal."

Chris L

I agree with you about early Woody Allen...I recently came across some of his early standup work, which was fantastic. And of course the classic trio of early books: Getting Even, Side Effects, and Without Feathers...

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