Darthness on the Edge of Town
Apres Nous, le Grendeluge

Please Bear With Me

So, you may ask, where is the promised review of the closing Los Angeles performance of Grendel, to top off the world's largest single online compilation of Grendeloperalia?  Still in process, I am sorry to say, due to the press of other business.  Patience, patience, those two or three among you actually awaiting it.

Meanwhile, best pal Rick Coencas has returned from vacation in the Great Northern Tier of our Great Nation, and has restarted posting at the Futurballa Blog, with the photographic tale of some bears going over the mountain.  He promises more.  (Please, sir, may we have some moose?)

To encourage Rick, and to welcome him back to blogging, here is a totally unnecessary electrotechnofied remix of perhaps his all time favorite Roxy Music song:

[Rixy remox via Spoilt Victorian Child and team9.]



Fear not, dear moose lover. A Moose will shortly find it's way to the futurballa blog.

Did you know, my sister was once bit by a moose?

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