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It Wouldn't Be Much of a God If It Couldn't Be Resurrected, Now Would It?

Silent for nearly a year -- he was last seen savaging some of Camille Paglia's more dubious views on poetry, the ease of doing which probably bored him nearly to death -- Aaron Haspel has returned today with a refurbished edition of God of the Machine.   He explains all here, in a post that encompasses E.M. Forster and Spinal Tap.

It appears that the gentleman has de-linked me in the process of toning and trimming his sidebar, which puts him in good company: big-time cultural and lit'ry bloggers the likes of Terry Teachout and Ron Silliman* have exercised that same privilege, when I have either lost their interest or shifted my attentions away from their preferred topics.  *sniff* 

In any case, get thee hence and welcome Mr. Haspel back to the land of the webliving by adding your visit to the Instalanche he's been granted by Megan McArdle.


*  Per what I see on Technorati today (8/2/06), either I was mistaken in my statement above or else Ron Silliman has restored me to his blogroll.  I took no offense when I/when I thought I had disappeared from it before, given that Ron's list focuses pretty exclusively on poetry weblogs -- it probably represents the most comprehensive list of poetry weblogs that is to be had -- and further given that the frequency of poetry posting hereabouts has gone down significantly in the past year or so.  Pressure's on now, I suppose, for me to reinvigorate the poetic percentage in the content mix.  Some among you (you likely know who you are) may consider yourselves warned.


Ron Silliman

I had clicked on your link at some point & gotten a 404 error, maybe because the server was down. But I mistook it as a sign that you had stopped blogging. I'm glad I was wrong.

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