What Oft Was Thought But Ne'er So Well Expressed (Empurpled Prose Edition)
Tiki'd to Ride,
or, "Look on My Works, ye Mai Tai . . ."

Apropos of Nothing

Out of the blue, poet/translator/scholar and fancier of Monk and Coltrane Jonathan Mayhew suddenly mentions, of all things, insurance:

Would anyone expect the 'Best American Insurance Co.' to really have the best insurance?  That would be a mighty big coincidence.

That it would.

I suspect the remark is an allusion to the annual Best American Poetry anthologies.  Or perhaps he knows that the leader in the business of rating the financial soundness of insurance companies is (oh, the irony) the A.M. Best Company.

For further reading:

This is as good an occasion as any to refer you to Professor Mayhew's September 6 spleen-infused catalogue of "rare and noteworthy events" of which he wishes to be kept apprised.  Among other benefits, reading it will save you the trouble of ever having to look at another cartoon in the New Yorker.


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