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Suite: Billy Pilgrim

I am going to be flying off on Friday for a multi-day jaunt -- to attend the 2006 Annual Meeting & Seminars of the CPCU Society -- to Music City USA, Nashville, Tennessee.   To be honest, the Music that is Nashville's is generally not the Music that is Mine, but Music Hath Power, etc., etc., so my plan is to post for the occasion, and for the occasion of our reaching the three-quarter mark of the year, a survey of the 7.5 recordings that have most struck my fancy in 2006.   That way, I avoid the cliché of the "year-end top 10" or the "mid-year top 10" and adopt a fresh cliché of my very own.

One item that I know will make that list is Sweet Billy Pilgrim's ineffably splendid we just did what happened and no one came, which I praised here back in April.   ("Sounds are placed . . . as if they fell out of an interesting cupboard, or else with the deliberation of a rock garden in Xanadu.")

I am no closer than I was then to articulating just why I find Sweet Billy Pilgrim's music so compelling, but I do know that this is excellent news:

Heart, meet sleeve SBP has issued a new 3-song EP and it is available as a high quality MP3 download absolutely free under the auspices of SVC [Spoilt Victorian Child] Records.   

That link will lead you directly to the downloads, individually and as a collective ZIP file.  The announcement on the Spoilt Victorian Child weblog is here and the announcement on the SBP weblog, Pilgrim's Progress, is here.

My first impression is highly favorable.  The two previously unreleased songs -- "Brugada" and "Meantime" -- would, Tim Elsenburg's protestations notwithstanding, have fit in well on we just did what happened . . .  The third track on the EP is a remix of "Experience," a song over which I enthused way back in May 2005, and a worthy companion to the original.

This is very fine current music, not the least bit brainless.  To have it available for free is a windfall not to be missed.  Miss it not.



Thanks for the heads-up, counselor.

As long as you're headed for Tennessee, you might look into the Bees (U.S.), another Nashville group I find pleasant if a little oversweetened.

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