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My alma mater, Cal/Berkeley, comes in for a scolding from the Sacramento Bee's Daniel Weintraub here.  Yes, it's another story on how college student don't know much about history.  The statistics seem to show that students actually grow less knowledgeable over the course of four years.

The post is replete with the usual sorry examples of ignorance -- of the "53% believe Oprah Winfrey discovered radium" variety -- the last being a real headshaker:

Even with their country at war in Iraq, fewer than half of seniors, 45.2 percent, could identify the Baath party as the main source of Saddam Hussein's political support.  In fact, 12.2 percent believed that Saddam Hussein found his most reliable supporters in the Communist Party.  Almost 5.7 percent chose Israel.

Words fail me.



It's all that smoking the marijuana.

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