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Upon Reflection

Mirror in the bathroom I just can't stop it,
Every Saturday you see me window shopping.
Find no interest in the racks and shelves,
Just a thousand reflections of my own sweet self self self self self . . .

-- "Mirror in the Bathroom" (1980) The [English] Beat

I have often said that No One Ever Went to Law School to Learn to Be Humble.  To prove my own point, here are links to two recent items either by or about yer 'umble Fool.

  • Lawcrossing is a major online legal job search and recruiting service that also dishes up an online magazine of sorts with articles, columns, interviews, and feature stories on matters legal and/or current.  In a moment of weakness, the site this week features a profile (based on an e-mail interview) of . . . me.  Learn my guilty secrets!  Mock my pretensions!  Wonder at the sinister twinkle in my eye!  Any number can play.
  • Of somewhat related interest: On a more serious and useful note, Lawcrossing's "Inside Legal Blogs" column this week features a pointer to shlep: the Self-Help Law ExPressshlep is devoted to practical discussions on self-help and pro se litigation, and is the brainchild of longstanding online FOTF [friend o' the fool] David Giacaloneshlep promises to be of interest to those who hope to avoid, when possible, falling into the clutches of lawyers.  (Thanks to David, this post isn't all about me.)
  • I also recently published a general purpose article on legal weblogs -- "Letting the Blogs Out: What Weblogs Have to Offer to Risk and Insurance Professionals" -- in the August 2006 issue (PDF) of CLEWS, the newsletter of the Consulting, Litigation and Expert Witness [CLEW] section of the CPCU Society
    • In case the link to the CLEW newsletter proves to be restricted to CPCU Society members, I have uploaded another copy here (also PDF).

But enough about me, eh?



Excellent taste in music you have, fair fool. (Nice profile, too -- even if the photo makes you look a bit like Tony Bleah.)


I'll take sinister twinkles for a thousand, Alex. What fun & glad to see you Fool.

david giacalone

Always happy to help keep you humble, my friend. On the other hand, feeding my ego by linking to my weblogs (or poetry) is always acceptable conduct for Da Sylan Fool.

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