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Inspired by the mercenary go get 'em entrepreneurial example of the likes of big-time weblogger and Economist correspondent Megan McArdle, I have created my very own little corner shop, or "aStore," at Amazon.com and stocked it with goodies -- books and CDs  mostly -- that I recommend to anyone who might be interested.  Some are items I have written about here, others I will write about, and still others are hearty perennials.  The shop provides a perfect spot in which to curl up in a comfy chair and carry on your holiday shopping, or perhaps pick up a little something for yourself. 

I have named my little electronic pushcart

and it is accessible through that overstuffed link or through the link in the left sidebar, just above the "Recent Posts" section. 

Should you browse around there and make a purchase, or if you click through the link at the bottom of each page to reach the main Amazon site and make a purchase after having passed through TFT, I receive a small stipend from Jeff Bezos & Company.  Purchases of Amazon Gift Certificates count, too.

Your custom is always appreciated and as a customer you are always right.  May I help you out to your car with that?  No, no: it is I who thank you.

Incidental Intelligence:

  • One of the recordings I placed on TFT's virtual shelves is the self-titled CD by the Chicago band Hummingbiird.  Imagine my pleasure and surprise when I discovered that the "Editorial Reviews" section on that Amazon page -- the section that usually draws from the work of actual critics and respectable journals -- includes an excerpt from this January 2006 post.



What a great idea! For the sheer frequency with which I link to Amazon, they owe me. ;) Congrats on the anniversary!

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