Though They May Have Won All the Battles,
We Had All the Good Songs
Eyeful of Gazza, or, The Magpie Redeemed

To Viktor Frahnkensteen Go the Spoils

Fans of Mel Brooks, detractors of Rupert Murdoch, and seekers after truth (or true killers) will find common ground on the Futurballa Blog as Rick unleashes his Photoshop skills to produce the unholy marriage of a joke from Young Frankenstein to a low point in contemporary media judgment.



Riding upon the success of his stage musical adaptation of The Producers, Mel Brooks is now at work on a similar proscenial transmigration of Young Frankenstein.  Details reported here and here.  The most intriguing casting choice is for the role of -- hold your horses -- Frau Blücher, memorably essayed on film by Cloris Leachman.  On stage, the role is set to be played by . . . Cloris Leachman.




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