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It's Not Over Until They Identify the Opera Singer

A personal/familial note for all you television watchers and TIVOistas

Each night this week, NBC is running Identity, a game show hosted by Cato Institute Mencken Fellow Penn Jilette, the larger, louder half of Penn & Teller.  The premise of the show is that the contestant must match twelve persons to their descriptions (their "identities" don'cha know) just by looking at them.  Successfully identifying all twelve earns the contestant a prize of half a million dollars or more.

Thursday night's episode will feature, ever so briefly in its first third or so, my very own youngest sister as one of those to be Identified.  She is the Opera Singer.  In real life, she does indeed sing in the chorus of the Los Angeles Opera.  The more interesting challenge would have been to identify her as an "Opera Administrator," as that is the role she has recently taken on with the less well-heeled but much more adventurous Long Beach Opera.

So warm up the vacuum tubes, adjust the ol' rabbit ears and pull up a chair.  There's entertainment to be had.



The Tivo has been programmed. Best to Jen. I knew one of you Wallace's would eventually make good.

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