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It's Not Over Until They Identify the Opera Singer



Is Bert Fields the "Look at me, I'm a Shakespeare scholar!" attorney that the *New Yorker* did a profile on about six or seven (or eight or nine...) years ago? I know there is a strong connection between the legal and literary arts (it's all agonizing over interpretation and reasoning), and I know there's more than one such person, but your article made him sound very much like the prince of hubris portrayed in the article.

George Wallace

Unfortunately, I can neither confirm or deny that Fields is the particular lawyer/scholar profiled in New Yorker.  His Shakespeare books, his pseudonymous detective novels and his immense self-regard all figured in the New Yorker's report on the Pellicano case earlier this year, though.


Alas, I won't get to the 2006 New Yorkers until 2009 or so, at the rate I'm going....

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