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A Lowe Standard

Nearly everyone with an opinion on the subject agrees that Elvis Costello and the Attractions' performance of Nick Lowe's "(What's So Funny 'Bout) Peace, Love and Understanding?" at the conclusion of Armed Forces is one to the high points of the EC oeuvre.  (Bill Murray karaokes the tune memorably in Lost in Translation, which was a much better trailer than it was a film.) 

Idolator today posts a quick retrospective on Lowe's early 70s band, Brinsley Schwarz, and provides an opportunity (and an MP3) to mentally compare and contrast the rolling thunder of the Costello version with its more Who-influenced and harmony-spangled original from five years earlier.

Here are Mr. Declan McManus and his Attractive chums lipsynching their better known rendition:

And here is young Mr. Lowe (with an Aladdin Sane haircut) exuding charm as he fronts the Brinsleys in a performance of "Surrender to the Rhythm":

Much more Brinsleys information here.


Cowtown Pattie

I love EC, but I also miss the great harmonies of folks like Lowe...

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