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It is a matter of no great moment, other than to myself and perhaps some of the several thousand others of whom it is also true, but I will report it all the same:

Today is the twenty-fifth anniversary of my admission to the State Bar of California.

This means that sometime in early June, 2007 -- I think I still have the skills to calculate the particular date, if I put my mind to it, which I will not on this occasion -- I will have spent half my life as a lawyer.


[Photo of a digital temperature gauge somewhere in Vienna by schaufi (Chris Schauflinger), courtesy of stock.xchng.]


Cowtown Pattie

Time, it's own OUR side, yes it is...

Or, so I've been told.

Congrats to my favorite lawyer dude who happens to write a great blog!

david giacalone

George, I came here today (Dec. 6) to wish you a happy 51st birthday, hoping you'd penned another autobiographical double-dactyl. I pleased to way that a quarter century as a lawyer hasn't eclipsed your humanity or your muse. Best wishes.

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