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Answer the Door, It's Blawg Review #89

The anonymous editor of Blawg Review has taken the reins of this week's Blawg Review #89 to produce a survey of the legal weblog world that is international in scope and optimistic at heart as we embark on 2007.  This edition boasts the added virtue of a truly inspired theme, that of "the Lone Mummer" traveling through the winter dark to call on these many distant points of legal light.  The accompanying illustrations, from the work of Newfoundland artist David Blackwood, are a pleasure in themselves.

Altogether, a particularly fine Blawg Review and well worth the time involved in reading it and in following through its numerous links.

The intrepid Editor is also granting a boon of sorts to the many law-related weblogs that are included in this edition: the proprietor(s) of each such site will be permitted, with limitations, to pose three yes-or-no questions that may lead to said editor's identity.  Since both of my own sites are linked, I suppose I might assert a right to ask as many as six questions, but I will not presume to do so.  In fact, I am quite content with the editor's air of mystery, and will likely pose no questions at all rather than break the spell.


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