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Orchestra Pit or Passion Pit?

"No One Will Harm You Inside This Song"

Before we move on, please allow me to indulge my fascination with Elvis Perkins one more time in order to report that the promised live recordings have been posted this morning at Daytrotter.

Sean Moeller promises that his introductory essay -- "It's A Sad, Sad World Out There -- What's Not To Like?" -- will soon be accompanied by an interview with Mr. Perkins.  The songs themselves are accessible here.  All four are very good.  Random comments on comparing these renditions to their studio versions:

  • The Daytrotter performance of "All the Night Without Love" -- a good song, but not my personal favorite -- is arguably better than the album version.  The replacement of the surprising Parisian-style violin-and-guitar break with a rollicking harmonica part works exceedingly well.
  • I have been mishearing the opening line of "Emile's Vietnam in the Sky" all this time.  It is not "Le Coq D'Or" that is covered in butter; it is "Jean Cocteau."
  • Mmmmmmm: harmonium.


UPDATE [022307]:

On a very much lighter note, my "Coq d'Or/Cocteau" admission above has spurred Cowtown Pattie to dip into that ever-filling fount of musical mirth: misheard song lyrics.


Cowtown Pattie

Thanks, Fool! You just gave me a great idea for a blog subject!

"Pick out Jed from the line up"
(Big Ol Jet Airliner)

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