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Are You Ready for Some Moose Ball?

The weekend is nearly upon us, and I have not indulged my fondness for moose in quite some time.  That is all the occasion I require to post

Moose Ball! 

A bizarre love triangle constructed with simple tools: one moose, one ball, and the melancholy aria of the dog whose ball it once was . . . .

Because good things must come in threes, we round out our moosecapades with two food-related clips.  Next up, a tasty dessert recipe from the late Jim Henson as the Swedish Chef:

And to conclude, an advertisement circa 1964 for Post Crispy Critters breakfast cereal -- "The one and only cereal that comes in shape of animals!" -- announcing the addition of Orange Moose to the sugar-spangled oat menagerie:

More information on Crispy Critters and the associated characters -- notably Linus the Lionhearted, voiced by Sheldon Leonard and star of his own Saturday morning cartoon show and associated comic book -- is available via Scott Shaw's Oddball Comics and at Topher's Breakfast Cereal Character Guide

If I recall correctly, the Orange Moose were a sequel of sorts to the previously introduced Pink Elephants

As a former consumer of Crispy Critters looking back forty-plus years later, two things about this ad particularly strike me:

  • Apparently, there was a time when cereal makers believed they could hold their target audience's attention for a full 60 seconds.  Almost nothing is advertised at that length today, let alone breakfast cereal.
  • How difficult is it to sell cereal on the basis of a new color scheme when your ad is in black and white?


Cowtown Pattie

Faster than you can say "moose and squirrel", I was transported back in Mr. Peabody's time machine to that long ago summer morning and big bowls of Crispy Critters.

Tanks for the memories!

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