Are You Ready for Some Moose Ball?
Store This Away in Your Sac du Printemps

Blawg Review #100: Life is a Carnival

There have been complaints in certain circles concerning the prolonged presence of Moose Ball! as the most recent post here these past 2+ weeks.  I apologize to both of my readers for having permitted the vicissitudes of Life and the Practice of Law to interrupt the steady flow of self-indulgence and witty repartee around here.  And the unplanned quasi-hiatus is not quite over yet.

But what's that on the horizon?  Why, it's Blawg Review #100, in which the anonymous Editor of Blawg Review marks the lexophilic carnival's Centennapostary with a ramble back through the 99 preceding Editions, and an update on the status of all those earlier hosts, including a link back to this weblog's hosting of the "April Fool's Day Prequel" to Blawg Review #51 last April. 

Poor Ed. is reduced to linking that confounded Moose Ball post, as I had nothing fresher on offer.  That seems particularly inconsiderate on my part in retrospect, given that this Fool is the duly-credited source for Blawg Review's current tagline: "It's not just a blog carnival; it's the law!"

On behalf of a fool in the forest and our lawful sibling Declarations & Exclusions, I regret having had nothing more exciting and current just now for inclusion in Ed.'s  survey.  Decs&Excs will, however, be hosting Blawg Review #102 a mere two weeks from today, and I promise to do so with gusto.  Regular posting should also resume there and here in the interim, as conditions permit.


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