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Moose Light Behind You


Behold "Moo," the illuminated moose head.  His glowing physiognomy a majestic addition to any room, Moo was designed by Trond Svengård and Ove Rogne for Oslo's Northern Lighting:

The inspiration behind the Moo lamp was found in northern Norway -- in the breathtaking scenery of Hamarey, where both of the designers have summer houses.  Here the moose is frequently seen passing close to the houses and even over the lawns.  The designers hope Moo will stand out as a post-modern kitsch trophy, making the viewer smile happily as they recognize this 'king of the Norwegian forest.'

Yes, he's the King of the Norwegian wood.  Isn't it good?  Of course, you don't actually need him in order to light your summer house in northern Norway, since the sun hardly ever goes down there in summer.  But if you found yourself in your northern Norwegian summer house in the winter, Moo would be comforting, if spectral, companion.

(Via Dezeen, where the commenters are a tough crowd, not easily impressed.  Photo by Northern Lighting.)


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