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Do you suffer the awkwardness and embarrassment of

Rare but Serious Side Effects?


It’s time to talk to Your Doctor about


(flopsymopsidol zipadoodazamine)


Superflua®, with revolutionary Technology 2.0 technology, effectively counteracts the consequence and efficacy of other prescription medications.  Adding once-daily Superflua® to your existing pharmacological regimen can provide confidence, peace of mind and freedom from unpleasantness and surprise, for you and those around you.


Temporospacial displacements and spontaneous combustion have been reported in some cases with Superflua®, but may be addressed by additional dosage with Superflua®.  Superflua® should not be used by heavy machinery or those who may become heavy machinery.  Superflua® is conditionally approved for use by carbon-based life forms already taking at least twelve (12) other medications daily.  Consumption of alcohol to excess with Superflua® is both permissible and advisable.  All rights reserved.  Void when necessary.


Superflua® -- One More for the Long and Winding Road