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Monsieur Would Enjoy the Chateau Python-Lalande, Perhaps, or the Spambolle-Moosigny?


I did not have the benefit of this Cable Television thing of which I have heard so much at the time this was originally broadcast in 2004. John Cleese -- in a helpful and beneficent vein unimagined by such Cleese avatars as Basil Fawlty -- Explains It All For You in the matter of Grapes and the Beverages for Which They Give Their All.  Basics galore: if you already know these things, you can share it with your friends who do not and they can thank you, and perhaps buy you a bottle of something tasty to show their gratitude.

I like this particularly because most of the time is spent among the wines and vines of Santa Barbara County, which are always deserving of attention.  Proper respect is paid to pinot noir, but not to the exclusion of other nearly-as-good things.


hulu -- John Cleese's "Wine for the Confused" 



Marlene Affeld

Excellent post - perhaps I know a bit more than I did before - wishing you the best.

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