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Hale, Merry, and Full of Thanks

Oh my goodness, America, and the World: it's another Thanksgiving Day! 

And here in the Forest that means two things: Presidential turkey pardons and Fairport Convention.  (Various exemplars of this recurrent annual rut in which I am enrutted are linked here.)

Yesterday, President Obama took his first run at the annual tradition of Pardoning the Turkey.  Notwithstanding the pleas of PETA and The Atlantic, the President again dispatched the lucky birds to Disneyland. Those who are keeping score can add this rather trivial instance to their burgeoning Obama is just like Bush indices.  

The photos of this year's Pardon are disappointing on the whole.  Mostly they resemble this one, in which we see the President demonstrating the turkey levitation skills he acquired under Master Yoda's tutelage on Dagobah.  (The President holds a genuine Dagobahamiawaiianesian birth certificate, you know, with oak leaf cluster.  Ask anyone!) 

Feast.  Or feast not.  There is no try.  Futile, resistance is.

Obama turkey pardon 2009

This President is obviously new at this ritual, as evidenced by his staff Trying Much Too Hard.  In the "preview" video below, we see the power of the vaunted White House media operation to take a slim joke (at best) and to drive it without mercy into the ground, such that no actual humor remains.   What else does one expect from Government work?

All right, that's done.  Now, on to Fairport Convention.

I have repeatedly taken Thanksgiving as the excuse to link one or another version of "Now Be Thankful," which is simply a lovely song. Below, the band in performance ca. 1970, with helicopters.  Yes, I know I posted this already back in 2006.  Do I repeat myself?  Very well, I repeat myself.  It's what Americans do!  Especially bloggers.

If all that's too British for you, I'll round things out with a Properly and Inescapably American Song of Thanks.

Happy Funksgiving, all!



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