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The President Appeals to the Bass
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Florent Ghys  

I posted the original version of the first video below last April under the title "Sérénade pour le commandant en chef et contrebass."  I had already planned to re-post it this week, in part to contrast the fresh-faced optimism of this past version of the President with his rather more beleaguered persona one year on -- friends, the Presidency is a tough job under the best of circumstances -- but principally to call attention to the fact that the creator of this piece, Florent Ghys, has been signed by Cantaloupe Music, the record label of New York's Bang on a Can, and will be releasing three EPs of his music in the upcoming future.  The first of the three, Baroque Tardif: Soli, arrives tomorrow.  (For the moment, at least, a free MP3download of the title piece, "Soli," is available via that link.)

Via Sequenza21, I discover that Cantaloupe Music has issued a slightly revised version of the video in conjunction with M. Ghys' debut, under the title "Music for Multiple Basses and The President of the United States." (Very similar to my own title, but not suspiciously so: how many variants are really possible here?)

In addition to tacking on some Cantaloupe-related titling at the start, this version rewrites history by changing the date of the Weekly Address on which it is built: the original version was dated (accurately) January 24, 2009, while this new one bears a date of January 27, 2010 -- i.e., this Wednesday, when Mr. Obama will fill us in on the State of the Union.  

Now, it is again my distinct honor and high privilege to present Florent Ghys and, looking very relaxed, a more youthful version of President Barack Obama.

I posted a second Florent Ghys item last May.  Looking back at it, I find that one of the videos I had embedded in it has disappeared from Ghys' Vimeo page.  The piece to which it relates, "Clignotants," is included on tomorrow's EP release, and it appears that the video has simply moved from Ghys' own page to the page maintained by Bang on a Can.  From that source, because I quite like it, here it is again:



UPDATE 012610: It occurs to me that perhaps the President should begin to travel with a string quartet, to provide musical commentary and support for his speeches.  Sure, a string quartet lends a certain hifalutin' air to the proceedings, but it could be an improvement on the President's beloved Teleprompter, so frequently criticized by nasty Fox News commentators . . . and occasional others:

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Photo of Florent Ghys via Cantaloupe Music.



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