Drive-In Saturday: "My Great Aunt Maude Was Eaten Up, While Singing 'Rock of Ages'"
Drive-In Saturday: A Born Lever-Puller

An Easter Brunch Fit for the Pope:
Cadbury Creme Eggs . . . Benedict


Behold!  Cadbury Creme Eggs Benedict, comprised of  

A doughnut.
Topped with a thin slice of fudge brownie.  
Topped by a melting Cadbury Egg "(complete with oozing yolk!)".
Topped with frosting.  
Topped with sprinkles.  
Accompanied by pound cake home fries.  

This outlandish edible edifice, sure to resurrect your waistline and to roll away the stone of your Lenten good behavior, is the creation of Jessie Oleson, also known as Cakespy.  She has posted more gooey chewy toothsome photos of the thing, and the complete recipe for those Kids who want to Try This At Home, at Serious Eats.

That recipe was published on March 1, not April 1, so it's no joke. Approach this harrowing concoction with caution, with due reflection, and perhaps with protective gear, lest once you sit down to it you should find yourself unable to rise again.  

And have a Happy Easter.


Photo: Cadbury Creme Eggs Benedict photo by Jessie Oleson.  Original link via NotionsCapital.



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