Drive-In Saturday: A Born Lever-Puller
Island in the Steam
[The Stigmatized (Die Gezeichneten) at Los Angeles Opera]

So Advanced, It Practically Spends Itself

Imagine how much we might reduce the deficit if we began by eliminating The Gummint's expenditures on advertising and PR for itself.  And just think of the aesthetic benefits:

No more irritating Census ads!  ("If you don't send it back, we'll most likely leave you to starve.")

No more phony "blogs" ghostwritten for Personages of Great Power by Personages of None!   

And no more U.S Currency YouTube Channel trying to sell us Money as though it were the hippest and most feature-packed thing this side of Avatar.

"3-D Security Ribbon"?  

"Bell in the Inkwell"?  

What, they were out of Corinthian leather?  

Did Benjamin Franklin approve this message?  

And what's the sodium content of this thing, anyway?


A Bonus Feature of our own:



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