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Drive-In Saturday:
Talkin' 'Bout Yer Evolution

The street artist/film maker known as BLU returns with "BIG BANG BIG BOOM," a ten-minute epic of handcrafted "frame by frame animation painted on walls, cars and other found objects."   

The ascent and potential eventual decline of life on Earth, in all its multiplicity and oddity, is the topic at hand.

This film was made in Europe -- Bologna? -- and the sheer variety of urban sites, streets and surfaces that the artist was able to use is impressive. Had this project been attempted in Los Angeles, odds are that the World would end not with a bang, but a restraining order.  Or worse.


More of BLU's work in this medium can be found on the video pages of his website or via the artist's Vimeo pages.

This fool last looked at animated variations of the origin of species on the occasion of Charles Darwin's 200th birthday in 2009.



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