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Science Fair 09 by DrBacchus


"Extraordinary how potent cheap music is."  
— Noel Coward, Private Lives 

Today a music video, just because.

Because I have liked this song for the past several years.

Because, although it was made in 2006, this is a pitch perfect recreation of a certain sort of video that would have been in constant rotation on MTV circa 1983.

Because it is empty-headed fun.

The band here is Novillero, proud sons of Winnipeg, Manitoba, and the song is "The Hypothesist" from the 2005 collection, Aim Right for the Holes in Their Lives.  I cannot say for sure whether the band still exists in any active way.  Through most of the last decade, however, they embraced a Mod Revival style not far removed from Paul Weller and The Jam.  I will confess that, particularly during the horn parts, this song sets my head to vigorous rhythmical nodding almost every time.

Join with me now and let us reel in the years and revisit the school Science Fair.  As we go, let us each frame our own hypotheses in answer to these burning questions:  

  • Will the unhip, put upon kid with the box prevail over the (presumably) rich girl with the elaborate chemistry set?  
  • Will the students maintain decorum in the face of a chugging rhythm section and those horns?  
  • Will the pretty teacher with glasses and her hair in a bun still have either in place by the end of the song?  
  • Will it all end in a celebratory freeze frame?

The questions practically answer themselves.

Be sure to show your work, as we go to the tape:


Photo: Science Fair medals, Lexington, KY, 2009, photographed by Flickr user DrBacchus, used under Creative Commons license.


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