The Race is Not Always to the Swift
The Science is Not Always to the Fair
". . . the pages turn and tell themselves . . ."
[Penelope by Sarah Kirkland Snider, performed by Shara Worden and Signal]

Exercise Your Franchise
(because nobody likes a flabby franchise)

Voting place

Today is Election Day in these United States.  You should vote.  Thus endeth the lesson.

You should perhaps not vote whilst actually in a saloon, as the gentlemen above are doing.  Adjourning to the saloon before or, better, after voting is your right, for the time being at least.

For whom should you vote?  That is for you to know and me to find out. The knowledge, once acquired, may or may not send me to the saloon, supra.  

You are not to blame for the outcome in any event.  As the Bonzos reminded us:

"No Matter Who You Vote For, the Government Always Gets In"


Heigh Ho!



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