Drive-In Saturday:
Nothing Beats the Great Smell of Brutalism
Ceci n'est pas . . .

Happy Kinksgiving



"C'mon over this Thanksgiving Day."

Ladies and Gentlemen,

As you enjoy your nut cups and National Bird on this festive American day,
it is our honor and privilege to present to you,
for your dining, dancing, and digestive pleasure,
your host Mr. Conan O'Brien,
his Band and Street Choir,
and Mr. Raymond Douglas Davies, CBE:


My most frequent Thanksgiving tradition here at Ye Olde Blogge has been to post a link to some version or other of Fairport Convention's "Now Be Thankful".  There are only two or three versions readily embeddable, and I thought I had run through them all until last night I discovered this: a live recording, apparently circa 1975, by Richard and Linda Thompson.

The cobbled-together "tribute video" content that accompanies the recording on YouTube is rather unfocused and annoying, so I have snootily chosen not to embed it, but the link is worth a click for those who are willing to be thankful with eyes closed.

Be happy.  Give thanks.  You're welcome.  Onward.



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