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Listening Listfully 2010: The List
[This Blogger's 25 Favorite Albums of 2010]

The Acme of Realism  by Krista76
The Year-End Music List season is here and I have a series of posts, in varying states of incompleteness and built on varying themes, talking about my own favorites at some length.  

The first in that series—the most finished, but still far from finished—focuses on New Amsterdam Records, which has largely owned my ears this year.  NewAm has managed the feat of filling three of the top five spots on my personal list, and six of the top twenty.  Had I included even one more, it would probably trigger a federal antitrust investigation.

Rather than hold off altogether on addressing the burning question of my eccentric musical tastes, I am electing to post The List on its own, in the thick of the holiday mercantile rush.  It comes with links to each artist's website, and with links to each album's page at Amazon.com—from whence this fool would receive a small gratuity if you were to make a purchase of some kind. Those more detailed posts will, I hope, follow in short order, replete with embedded media and other choice frills and gewgaws.

Until then, friends, I present to you The List:

The Lista fool in the forest's 25 Favorite Albums 2010

  1. Sarah Kirkland SniderPenelope
  2. [TIE]
    Sam AmidonI See the Sign  
    William BrittelleTelevision Landscape
  3. Newspeaksweet light crude
  4. Nico MuhlyI Drink the Air Before Me
  5. Elvis CostelloNational Ransom
  6. MidlakeThe Courage of Others
  7. MenomenaMines
  8. Field MusicField Music (Measure)
  9. itsnotuouitsmeFallen Monuments
  10. VictoireCathedral City
  11. Los Angeles Master ChoraleNico Muhly: A Good Understanding
  12. Howe Gelb & a Band of GypsiesAlegrías
  13. EfterklangMagic Chairs
  14. Blitzen TrapperDestroyer Of The Void
  15. Bettye LaVetteInterpretations: The British Rock Songbook
  16. Fol ChenPart II: the New December
  17. Minus the BearOmni
  18. Janusi am not
  19. The MynabirdsWhat We Lose in the Fire We Gain in the Flood

    And, warranting Honorable Mention:
  20. Joanna NewsomHave One on Me
  21. Beach HouseTeen Dream
  22. The NationalHigh Violet
  23. YeasayerOdd Blood
  24. Antony and the Johnsons – Swanlights


For further reading: Four of the top five—all but the slammin'excellent, late-breaking Newspeak album—have received some extended attention here in earlier posts, to wit: #1, #2 and #2, and #4.


UPDATE:  More detailed consideration of The List is provided in the following year-end posts.


Photo: "The Acme of Realism" by Flickr user Krista76, used under Creative Commons license.




I second Cathedral City and i am not, and am eager to check out your other selections! Wonder, too, what you might think of the composers/pieces mentioned in this post: http://rainingacorns.blogspot.com/2010/11/only-connect.html


I have responded more fully at RA, but as you may not see it, I wanted to write to say thank you for all the thoughtful comments and suggestions, and for reminding me of Nico Muhly, who has been on my "to do" listening list. So much wonderful listening ahead!

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