Miles Must Go Before We Sleep
[Benjamin Britten, The Turn of the Screw,
Los Angeles Opera]
Blawg Review #305

Blawg Review is Preparing For Its Encore

Curtains for you - scarlet

What lies behind the the scarlet curtains?  

The return, to these pages, of Blawg Review, the blog carnival for lawyers and everyone interested in the law.

Please join a fool in the forest on Monday, April 4, 2011, for Blawg Review #305.  

This will mark the fourth Blawg Review excursion in the past five years for this blog.  In keeping with tradition, edition #304 is even now completing its sucessful tour of the provinces on my legal blog, Declarations & Exclusions.

As always when hosting Blawg Review, I welcome submissions of the best, most intriguing, most noteworthy law-related blog posts of this week, to be considered for inclusion in BR #305. Submissions may be directed via email to [email protected], or through the Blawg Review submissions page.  Detailed information on submission guidelines can be found here.  

As I have noted at the conclusion of BR #304, I have a particular interest at this time in "blog posts that examine, or that exemplify, Things That the Law, or Lawyers, Could Do Without."  My purpose in making this request I shall reveal in time.

Thank you, and good blawgs to you.



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