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Blog Me, Daddy, Eight to the Bar!

This little blog launched eight years ago today, on July 2, 2003. The posts are less frequently now than they once were, and less glib, but The Blogging still carries enough satisfaction with it that this Fool is likely to keep wandering these woods for some time to come.


For last year's seventh anniversary, I linked back to seven posts from the past seven years.  This time, a selection of eight posts from the preceding twelvemonth that do not, I think, embarrass their author too much.

Although it is not really reflected in that selection, this blog has been skewing increasingly toward the subject of music.  Something like 80% of posts so far in 2011 have fallen into that category, and I predict that the trend will continue for the next little while at least, as I have a sizable backlog of musical subjects that I want to write about but that haven't yet escaped to the screen.  As with so many other good things, music is more easily consumed than written about.  

So, off we go into the unknowns of a ninth year of blogging.  And to see this point our in a musical vein: Czech, please!


Photo: Circles of bricks, Magpie Hill, near Cleeton St. Mary, Shropshire; photograph Copyright Mr M Evison, licensed under Creative Commons Licence.


Susan Scheid

Gawd! If you will recall how you set me to work with just a single tweet from you, imagine what THIS post is going to do. I have reading enough for a year right here. I started right in & intend to come back for more. For the moment, two things: first, how did I grow UP with the Art Institute and not know about those Ernst collages? Second, I highlight just one of many amusing quips tucked in among your listed posts: "(I say "surprisingly" because Brutalism is an obvious nominee for Least Cuddly Architectural Philosophy Ever.)" Nice, also, for me, to take a walk down memory lane of the posts I have read (Penelope, Bryars, little list). I'm glad to know you shall continue on. I've just today, in fact, passed on a Muhly post of yours to a blogger who attended Two Boys performed by ENO and wasn't taken by it. I thought he might do with a dose of what you have to say on that subject. (FYI, over my way, post on Rimbaud's Illuminations is up. Perhaps you can illuminate me on that subject, as well.)

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